Photographers: We'll Feed Your Creativity!
And help you master your camera in the digital age.
... Inspired Practice ...
One simple photo assignment a week for a year covering creative use of Settings, Seeing, Composition & Light
... Peer Support ...
Professional photographers and students are available to answer questions about techniques, equipment and more.
... A Guide ...
What would learning be without a guide?  The Digital Photography Primer by Jake Garn is included in the system!
Just one shot a week! To break the rules like a pro you have to learn them like an amateur first. Here's what we will practice together in our one-shot-a-week system!
  • Use your camera settings creatively, not just technically. (Quarter 1)
  • See like an artist and view the world with new eyes.  (Quarter 2)
  • Practice classic composition and polish your framing. (Quarter 3)
  •  Shoot better  in natural light, in twelve different ways. (Quarter 4)
What Are Photographers Saying About Our Challenge?
"What I get from the community has been valuable and I like seeing comment notifications come up on my phone. It's one of the few places I interact online where I actually want to see and respond to the notifications."
Photo & Words courtesy of Kevin Wenning
"These challenges help me build my confidence in not only my use of a camera, but also myself. I also love reading the simple analogies given in the book about each of the settings."
Photo & Words courtesy of Jennifer Garn
"I've really enjoyed the challenge topics and examples in I Shoot for Love... I'm an experienced photographer but the challenges have made me think again about how choosing the right tools and how mastering all the settings so powerfully shape the final image, and I've appreciated the constructive feedback. The site appeals to me and it will to others."
Photo & Words courtesy of Steve Berlin
Included in your tuition....
1. Weekly Challenges
  • Each Week you'll receive a creative challenge along with a detailed  explanation and examples from Jake Garn's whimsical fashion portfolio.
  •   Shoot at your own pace and on your own schedule, emails are weekly but you can move as slow as fast as you'd like.
  • Hobbyist, Newbies or Pros can play using a new shot or pulling from your portfolio.
  • Any Genre of photography from sports to fashion, family to landscapes and more.
  •  DSLR, mirrorless or creative control camera with adjustable Shutter, aperture and ISO work best.
NOTE: Contents May Contain Material Not Appropriate for Children, Must be 18 or Older!
2. App & Private Network
  •  Easy to Use network exclusively for us at! All you need is an internet connection.
  •  Free Mighty Networks App gives you full mobile access to our network.
  • Give & Receive valuable critiques and feedback from other artists, this is NOT a race for likes and accolades.
  •  No Censorship (18+ Only) this is a site for artists so we don't censor, but YOU can unfollow artists that aren't your style.
  •  Advertisement-free! You won't see ads creepily based on your behavior showing up! It really is our own private network that your tuition helps to pay for!
Screenshot of the free app on an iPhone
Screenshot of the browser feed on a Mac Pro
You can try everything FREE!
The 14-day trial membership includes everything mentioned... and more! 

Our Guarantee 

Low risk, high reward when you follow the path!
  •  14-Day Free Trial Monthly billing starts automatically after trial-period, unless you email us to cancel.
  •  30-Day Money Back Guarantee Email us within 30-days of your first payment and we'll refund the entire amount, no questions asked. 
$85 a Month
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This limited time offer ends when 100 spots are sold.
You Must be 18 or older with
a valid credit card to participate.
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You're going to love it or no charge! 14-day trial membership includes everything!
About Your Guide: Photographer Jake Garn
"Photography has been a lifetime passion and also a money-maker for me and my family.  I got my start in High School and College yet I continued learning photography by shooting, experiencing and sharing my passion with other artists for the past decade!" -Jake Garn
"Here is my journey in photos."
-Jake Garn
Shot in 2000 for a class assignement on chemical sepia toning | Film Canon SLR
Shot in 2001, first digital shoot ever
4 megapixel Canon DSLR
Shot in 2005
2005 | Banned from the Utah Arts Festival | Daily Deviation on Deviant Art
2011 | First National Ad Campaign
"The Spiraling Story of the Lazy Rule of Thirds"
In 2009 I was a semi-pro photographer (fully commited to another industry as my profession) allowing me to mostly shoot simply for the love of creating.  It was in that time that I created this image, and included it in a blog post I titled "The Lazy Rule of Thirds."  Little did I know that the post would end up being seen by millions leading to a few synchronistic opportunities.
The Mathemagician Notices My Blog?
Magic of Fibonacci Numbers
One of my images, Carly with a Lime, found it's way to Arthur Benjamin's amazing talk seen by millions... a TEDtalk well worth seeing.  Check it out and have your mind flown!  
B&H Notices My Blog?
On May 8th, 2013 (fibonacci day) I was invited to New York to share my thoughts on photography!  I chose to bring a message about inspiration and following the mythic muse. 
From a live presentation on "The Language of Inspiration" by Jake Garn. B&H Event Space. New York City. 5/8/2013
A video journal of the start of our New York Journey by the fabulous Chelsey and Josh, now curators and creators of Wired and Stoned.
The presentation in it's entirety, courtesy of B&H!
2015 My Lifetime Passion Becomes My Job
In 2015 I sold my other business and faced the idea of going back to work with somebody else or continue working for myself. I decided to relaunch my photography website rather than an inspiring showcase of my favorite hobby
Try it FREE for two weeks!
You're going to love it or no charge! 14-day trial membership includes everything!
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